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  1. Thanks for the tip to stain or paint weatherboard so you can preserve it. I want my home to be a nice light blue. I’ll get some weatherboard and paint it that color so my house looks nice while also being protected.

  2. Wooden cladding is found in three basic forms on exterior wall surfaces horizontal siding, vertical siding, and shingles. This three forms has it’s own definition on exterior wall surfaces, especially this vertical siding style it’s quiet interesting. Thank you for this

  3. Clapboard, Riven Clapboard, Weatherboarding, bevel siding, lap siding and don’t forget that unique Adirondack siding called brainstorm siding are just some of the names used to describe horizontal siding. The form the siding takes usually relates to the region in which the building is found and the technology available for making the siding.

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