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The Architecture of Ward Shippey

July 12, 2022

Glens Falls architect Ward Shippey (1885-1963) had an exceptionally long and prolific career designing homes, commercial buildings, theaters, children’s summer camps, private clubs, municipal buildings, camps, and resorts. The majority of his designs were in Glens Falls, Lake George, and Schroon Lake but he also designed several resorts in the Catskills like Grossinger’s, Arrowhead Lodge, and the Naponoch Country Club. This outing will explore numerous examples of Shippey’s varied and spirited work in Schroon Lake, including the theater at the Seagle Festival, several camp buildings at Wakonda Lodge and Camp Nawita, the former Tisch camp, and even other structures standing along Main Street like the Timberwolf Pub and former Yellow Coach Motel. Lastly, through an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit to the Shippey-designed former Brown Swan Club (most recently Word of Life), we will learn about its new owners’ ambitious, multi-million-dollar redevelopment project.

This tour is led by Warren County Historical Society archivist and Shippey’s great grandson, Tom Lynch and AARCH’s former executive director Steven Engelhart. The tour begins at 10 AM and ends around 4 PM.

The fee is $50 for AARCH members and $60 for non-members.


Images of Ward Shippey (above) and Camp Nawita (right) courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society archives.


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