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Walking Tour: Mt. Philo

Not currently being offered

View of the Adirondacks from atop Mount Philo

AARCH’s last walking tour of the season will be outside state lines in Mt. Philo State Park, Vermont’s first state park. The landscape reveals a fascinating history of use from farmland, to vacation destination, to designed pastoral landscape, to formal state parkland, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The top of Mt. Philo allows for stunning views of the Champlain Valley and the Adirondacks. The tour will be led by local historian and AARCH member Judy Chaves, who has spent several years conducting her own research on the people who impacted this landscape.

The tour is free, but space is limited. Please note that this tour consists of a hike up Mt. Philo, along a paved mountain road with some steep sections. Also, note that bathrooms will not be available for the duration of the tour.

Registration is not required, but is appreciated.


Interested in more information?  Read “When the Trees Took: Retracing Reforestation on an old Carriage Road” by Judy Chaves.  Northern Woodlands Magazine, 2014.

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