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Thousand Island Park, By Land & River

August 5, 2022

Established as a Methodist Campground on Wellesley Island along the St. Lawrence River in 1885, Thousand Island Park boasts a rich and vibrant collection of historic architecture. Soon after its founding, roughly 500 family tents populated the grounds and later evolved into unique tent cottages that still exist today. This tour of Thousand Island Park will include the Thousand Island Park Museum, a presentation by the T.I. Park Landmark Society (instrumental in the recognition of “the Park” on the National Register of Historic Places), tours of several buildings including the circa 1913 Chapel, 1885 wooden Tabernacle, 1903 Library, the still-operating Wellesley Hotel. We will also explore the Park’s historic ferry landing and embark on a short walking tour highlighting tent cottages and other significant structures. After lunch, we will board a boat to see the 1882 Rock Island Lighthouse for a guided climb to top of the lighthouse with splendid views. Following our lighthouse visit will be a boat tour exploring the historic structures of Grenell and Murray Islands, including some exciting ghost stories involving a plot to assassinate president Abraham Lincoln. Lastly, an optional guided walk to the top of the iconic 1938 Thousand Islands Bridge will be provided for those who wish to join.

This tour is led by Thomas French and others from the Thousand Island Park Museum, as well as folks from Clayton Island Tours and the Thousand Island Park Landmark Society. The tour begins at 10 AM and ends at 4 PM.

The fee is $60 for AARCH members and $70 for non-members.



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