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The Arts in Caroga Lake, Past & Present

August 17, 2022

The serene backdrop of Caroga Lake in the southern Adirondacks has long been a destination for artists, musicians, and creatives. Its buildings, landscapes, and history offer a rich tapestry to explore the impact of how a former artists’ colony inspires a vibrant, modern-day arts movement in the area, one that thrives under the stewardship of the Caroga Arts Collective. This outing will bring attendees to the Caroga Lake Historical Association Museum for a primer on the area’s cultural history, as well as several of its historic buildings, followed by a visit to the whimsical former home of the Dwiggins family who founded an earlier arts colony here. Next, travel to Myhill, the former estate of the Schine family, New York City hoteliers known for building over 150 movie theatres and expanding the movie-going experience, and a soon-to-be venue for concerts, shows, and productions. Lastly, explore the amazingly intact Sherman’s Amusement Park, an iconic and historic venue that is under the care and stewardship of Caroga Arts Collective and remains a destination for entertainment, music, weddings, fairs, and numerous other events. In the evening, attendees are encouraged to register for and attend a concert hosted by the Caroga Arts Collective as part of its annual series.

This tour is led by folks from the Caroga Arts Collective including artist and musician Kyle Price, as well as our friends from the Caroga Lake Historical Association Museum and other property owners and community members. The tour begins at 10 AM and ends around 3:30 PM.

The fee is $50 for AARCH members and $60 for non-members.


Image of Sherman’s courtesy of Paul Valovic and Caroga Lake Arts Collective.

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