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What Style Is It? Port Henry

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October_Whatstyleisit_Port Henry

Mount Moriah Presbyterian Church, a Richardsonian Romanesque style building.

What’s the difference between a Colonial Revival and a Federal style building? This workshop focuses on American architectural styles, taking a look at architecture common in the Adirondacks and, in particular, Port Henry. Port Henry is home a diverse range of architectural styles, so it is an ideal location to explore popular American styles from the 19th century on.

At the Richardsonian Romanesque Sherman Free Library, AARCH Program Director Karyn Norwood will provide an overview of architectural styles and their defining features. Following the talk, we will head outside to walk through Port Henry and identify architectural styles.



The Iron Center Museum, housed in an Italianate carriage barn.


The workshop begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m.

This workshop is free to attend; please kindly pre-register.



More information on Port Henry: “A Walking Tour of Port Henry”

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