Preserving Camp Santanoni

September 13, 2022

Camp Santanoni and the Santanoni Preserve was a huge private estate, created by Robert and Anna Pruyn of Albany, covering nearly 13,000 acres. Construction started in 1892 and at its heyday, the property included nearly four-dozen buildings, a 200-acre working farm and a Japanese-inspired log villa. In 1972, Camp Santanoni was acquired by the State of New York and became part of the Forest Preserve. For 30 years, AARCH has led the effort to protect and this regional treasure. Join AARCH and journey back in time for an in-depth tour of this National Historic Landmark.


The outing is a 9.8-mile roundtrip excursion on foot, by bike, or by horse-drawn wagon. We will stop at the Gate Lodge and farm before arriving at the Main Camp, masterfully perched on Newcomb Lake. Eat your picnic lunch under the same eaves that sheltered Theodore Roosevelt. On a private tour, walk into the camp’s buildings to appreciate past and present workmanship, hear about the families and celebrity guests who summered here, and see first-hand efforts to conserve this Park jewel.

This tour is led by AARCH Staff. The tour begins at 9:30 AM and ends at 4 PM.

There is a suggested donation of $25. A limited number of seats are available on a horse-drawn wagon for an additional $30 fee.

Please note that this tour involves a wagon-ride or 9.8 hike/bike on a dirt road.

REGISTER HERE– Note: Wagon FULL, but we still have room for those who wish to bike or hike!


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