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Reuben Smith’s Tumblehome Boatshop

Not currently being offered
Half-Day Tour!

High‐end restoration and new construction of classic wooden boats is the dual goal of Reuben Smith’s Tumblehome Boatshop. In 2015 Tumblehome received an AARCH Preservation Award for their conversion of a garage building into an industrial-chic center of concrete, steel, and wood. Smell the fresh wood shavings in an active boat shop, watching as vessels are brought to life or back to past elegance. Enjoy fresh muffins and coffee as you wander through the changing exhibit/storage space in the modern building attached to the shop called the “Boathouse”, seeing custom speedboats or historic race boats and runabouts.

Owners Reuben and Cynde Smith will be on hand to speak about the buildings and their work as craftsmen.


The tour begins at 10 a.m. and ends around 12 p.m.

FEE: Free


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