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Keeseville & Ausable Chasm

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During the 19th century, both Keeseville and Ausable Chasm prospered as industrial villages. Early entrepreneurs used waterpower from the Ausable River, abundant local natural resources, and ingenuity to make iron products, textiles, finished wood products, and other manufactured items. In Keeseville, discover evidence of this prosperity in the village’s many fine homes, sandstone buildings, mills, stone churches, and three historic bridges. After lunch, we’ll walk around the hamlet of Ausable Chasm, see two hydroelectric sites, and take the walk-and-raft ride (optional) through the “Grand Canyon of the East.”

Steven Engelhart, AARCH Executive Director and resident of Keeseville for 25 years, will lead the tour.

This trip involves standing for significant lengths of time and walking outside.

The tour begins at 10:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm.

The fee is $40 for AARCH members and $50 for non-members and includes a walking guide.


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