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Open Studio & Historic Mill with John Van Alstine & Caroline Ramersdorfer

July 9, 2022

Sculpture by Caroline Ramersdorfer

In the mid-2000s, Austrian sculptor Caroline Ramersdorfer joined Adirondack sculptor John Van Alstine at the site of the Old Adirondack Lumber Company and established her art studio in the “old sawmill.” Together, Caroline and John continue their thoughtful reuse and redevelopment of the 19th century property on the banks of the Sacandaga River in the quaint hamlet of Wells. The property includes their recently opened, publicly accessible Adirondack-Sacandaga River Sculpture Park. This eight-acre, landscaped parcel showcases an ongoing, changing exhibition by both sculptors. Join John, Caroline, and fellow AARCH and Adirondack Experience attendees for this exciting open studio experience where participants can, at their leisure, interact with both artists, see their studios in action, explore their historic property, and attend an hour-long guided portion during the day. Caroline’s and John’s art has been featured in numerous countries including the United States, China, Austria, Japan, Egypt, and many others. Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian Institution and Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the City of Beijing’s Olympic Garden, Yokohama, Japan’s Eda Garden Museum are just some of the places that have shown their works.

In the company of Van Alstine and Ramersdorfer, explore historic mill, which won an AARCH Preservation Award in 2000 for its adaptive reuse. See ongoing projects in the studios as well as finished works on display in the gallery. Explore the extensive grounds to see these impressive sculptures in an outdoor setting.

Sculpture by John Van Alstine

This open studio event is co-sponsored with Adirondack Experience hosted by sculptors John Van Alstine and Caroline Ramersdorfer. The property is open between 10 AM and 3 PM with a guided tour at 11 AM.

The fee is $30 for AARCH and Adirondack Experience members and $40 non-members. Spots for AARCH members are reserved and are part of the lottery.


*Please include note with your payment if you are an Adirondack Experience member


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John Van Alstine  |  Caroline Ramersdorfer


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