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Harnessing Hydroelectric

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Hydroelectric power was once the dominate form of renewable energy in the Adirondack region. With an ample supply water from powerful rivers, lakes, and creeks, hydrolytic plants and dams popped up all over the Adirondacks, and many remain functional today. On this outing we will visit three historic and architecturally fascinating hydroelectric facilities and sites.

Starting off the day at Ausable Chasm, we will first visit and explore the scenic Rainbow Fall plant, which was built in 1926 by the J&J Rogers Company to provide electricity for their mills. This NYSEG-owned facility has a Chateauesque style powerhouse, stone rack house, twin penstocks, a feeder canal and a long concrete dam across the Ausable River. Just upstream is the Alice Falls hydroelectric facility, built on the site of an 1892 water-powered paper mill.

We’ll end the day in Wadhams and see  the small hydroelectric plant built by Daniel Payne in 1904 to furnish power to the mines of Mineville.

This tour is led by AARCH Staff and both owners and operators at three hydroelectric facilities.

The tour starts at 10 AM and ends around 3 PM.

The fee is $50 for AARCH members and $60 for non-members.


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