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Architects & Architecture at Santanoni, Past & Present

August 22, 2022

Join architect and guide Chuck Higgerson on a day-long adventure focused on Santanoni’s construction and last year’s extensive Save America’s Treasures grant-funded restoration project. Journey on a horse-drawn wagon and hear about the history of the camp and farm and the architects, builders, and catalogs behind their designs. Once you arrive, you will learn how the camp was built and see the results of recent restoration and rehabilitation projects. From “starchitects” to stabilization, this tour has a little bit of everything for anyone interested in historic architecture.

This tour is co-sponsored by the Friends of Camp Santanoni and the Town of Newcomb and is led by AARCH advisory council member Chuck Higgerson. The tour begins at 10 AM and ends at 4 PM.

There is a suggested donation of $35 per person. Riding on a horse-drawn wagon is required for this outing and is an additional $30 fee.



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