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The Engelhart Education Fund

“While I am proud of so many things that we have achieved during my tenure at AARCH – saving Camp Santanoni and the Bow Bridge and helping dozens of communities to undertake transformative preservation projects – I am proudest of the really exemplary public education programs that we have offered every year for nearly thirty years. These tours, workshops, lectures, print and online publications have all helped to create an historic preservation ethic in the region that is broad and deep, on top of which so many other successes will be built.”

Steven Engelhart


Please join the Adirondack Architectural Heritage Board of Directors in honoring Steven Engelhart’s 30 years with AARCH and 27 years as its executive director by making a contribution to the Engelhart Education Fund. Proceeds from this fund will be used to further AARCH’s educational work in a variety of ways, including to develop new programs, fund new publications, bring more educational content online, and reach and educate new audiences. The fund will ensure that AARCH’s programming will continue to be innovative and far-ranging far into the future. The AARCH Board of Directors has established a goal of raising $200,000 from AARCH’s members and friends over the coming year. Please used the return envelope to make a contribution or donate online at THANK YOU for honoring Steven and ensuring the continuation of our remarkable educational programming with your support.

“Over the past 25 years, AARCH has emerged as one of the most effective rural preservation organizations in the nation.” Stephanie Meeks, the National Trust for Historic Preservation President

AARCH’s Extraordinary Public Education Program

AARCH has a 30-year history of offering an exemplary annual series of educational programs and activities, including:

  • 220 distinctly different day-long tours throughout the region and 820 tours in total.
  • 460 lectures, on a dozen topics, in almost every town and village in the region and beyond.
  • Four conferences.
  • Several dozen workshops to teach people about architectural styles, repairing wooden windows, restoring gravestones, and the basics of timber-framing.
  • An innovative Arts-in-Education residency program in ten regional schools.
  • The publication of four books: Santanoni: From Japanese Temple to Life at an Adirondack Great Camp; Adirondack Churches; A Guide to the Architecture of the Adirondacks; and White Pine Camp.
  • Articles for Adirondack Life, the Adirondack Explorer, and the Adirondack Almanack.
  • Help with more than 1000 technical assistance requests from homeowners, municipalities, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Three yearly newsletter issues.
  • Lots of online educational content through AARCH Matters, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media vehicles.

Where Will We Take it from Here?

Our deep educational experience and curiosity only makes us eager to explore new places, provide new experiences, and bring new stories to light that illuminate the value of architecture and historic preservation to the health and vitality of our communities and our region. Where will this take us? To publishing new books, providing new print and online content, producing videos and audio content, and much, much more.