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Endangered Properties and Preservation Issues


For more information, lists, and descriptions, click on the images above. AARCH’s Endangered Properties List is a list of important historic and architectural landmarks that are in danger of being lost if something is not done soon. Included here are lists and descriptions of sites that are in danger for a variety of reasons. In some of these cases, you can help to save them and we will show you how.

There are also places that have been considered endangered in the past and have been saved or at least face a better future. We have also drawn your attention to sites that have been, unfortunately, lost.

In many of these cases, AARCH has played a role in preventing the demolition of important regional landmarks – by publicizing their plight, helping to find new owners, or locate preservation funding. We hope that publicizing this list will bring new attention to these properties and that you will add your voice to our efforts to ensure that these important places are not lost.

It does matter when people and state agencies know that you care.