Past Newsletters

Vol 30-2, Summer 2021 – Embracing Our Kinship (Summer Events)
Vol.30-1, Winter 2021A 30 Year Tapestry of Places, People, and Stories
Vol 29-2, Summer 2020 – A Patchwork of Resilience (Summer Events)
Vol.29-1, Winter 2020Busting Preservation Myths
Vol.28-2, Summer 2019 – Beyond the Blueprint (Summer Events)
Vol.28-1, Winter 2019The Architecture of Alvin Inman
Vol.27-2, Summer 2018 – This is Our Community (Summer Events)
Vol.27-1, Winter 2017-18 – The Olympic Architecture of Lake Placid
Vol.26-2, Summer 2017Modern Architects in the Adirondacks (Summer Events)
Vol.26-1, Winter 2016-17The Irresistibility of Historic Preservation
Vol.25-2, Summer 20162016 Adventures in Architecture (Summer Events)
Vol.25-1, Winter 2015-16Rock Solid: The Alden Family of Adirondack Stone Masons
Vol.24-2, Summer 2015 Summer Event Schedule
Vol.24-1, Winter 2014-15 – Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Celebrating 25 Years
Vol.23-2, Summer 2014 Summer Event Schedule
Vol.23-1, Winter 2013-14 – The Case for the Preservation of the Gooley Club
Vol.22-2, Summer 2013Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.22-1, Winter 2012-13The 100-Mile House
Vol.21-2, Summer 2012Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.21-1, Winter 2011-12Checking in: Lake Placid’s Midcentury Motels
Vol.20-1, Summer 2011Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.19-2, Winter 2010-11Elizabethtown Church Architecture
Vol.19-1, Summer 2010 Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.18-2, Winter 09-10The Lustron House: Prefabricated Housing Industry
Vol.18-1, Summer 2009– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.17-2, Winter 2008-09– The Wawbeek: Lessons Learned
Vol.17-1, Summer 2008– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.16-2, Winter 2007-08– North Point: The Carnegie Camp on Raquette Lake
Vol.16-1, Summer 2007– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.15-2, Winter 2006-07Bridges, Bridges, Bridges
Vol.15-1, Summer 2006– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.14-2, Winter 2005-06North Country School and Camp Treetops
Vol.14-1, Summer 2005– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.13-2, Winter 2004-05Tragedy and Progress at Camp Santanoni
Vol.13-1, Summer 2004– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.12-2, Winter 2003-04The Shippey Family: Adirondack Architect and Builders
Vol.12-1, Summer 2003– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol. 11-2, Winter 2002-03Railroad Architecture and Heritage
Vol.11-1, Summer 2002– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.10-2, Winter 2001-02Barns: Artifacts of an Agrarian Past
Vol.10-1, Summer 2001– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.9-2, Winter 2000-01A Milestone Year at Camp Santanoni!
Vol.9-1, Summer 2000– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.8-2, Winter 1999-2000The AuSable River Bridges
Vol.8-1, June 1999– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.7-2, December 1998New Scholarship on Adirondack Architecture
Vol.7-1, June 1998– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.6-2, December 1997Architect-Author William S. Wicks
Vol.6-1, June 1997– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.5-2, November 1996HSR Complete for Santanoni Farm
Vol.5-1, June 1996– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.4-2, December 1995W.L. Coulter, Architect
Vol.4-1, May 1995– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.3-2, November 1994A Future for the Jay Covered Bridge
Vol.3-1, June 1994– Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.2-2, November 1993North Creek Railroad Station on Track
Vol.2-1, May 1993 – Summer Tour Schedule
Vol.1-2, November 1992Working on the Railroad
Vol.1-1, May 1992– Summer Tour Schedule

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